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With proper gear, everything is possible! Make your dreams real!!

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AZURE Passion - When Passion meets AZURE

Producers of Premium Spearfishing & Free-diving Equipment

Spearguns engineered for optimum requirements....

Ultimate equipmet for passionated spearos



The Azure products have been developed by Engineers whose passion for spearfishing in combination to freediving is ultimately extreme. Because of this passion, became the own need for the use of exceptional equipment, that could cover special requirements. In this way, the "Azure Passion" was developed through years of research, trials and expertise.

The Azure Philosophy, is to proficiently cover the needs of the experienced speardiver, whose demands are of a very particular nature. Our mentality is that every speardiver deserves to have high quality, high performance equipment, that will suit the toughest requirements in the best possible way.

Azure focuses on quality, engineering, R&D and customer satisfaction. Based on these pillars, in 2016 our company was recognized internationally by being awarded the Geneva Gold Category "International Star Award For Quality" (ISAQ), related to product quality and business excellence. 


AZURE produces high-end premium spearguns, designed for optimum performance and precision. They have been developed through engineering studies and analysis, in combination to extensive field testing. Four models have currently been developed: "Scout", "Ambush", Ambush Roller" & "Reef".

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Blades & Fins

High performance carbon fiber blades (Soft, Medium & Hard) by AZURE, for all commercial footpockets. Suitable for competitive Freediving & Spearfishing.

  • Carbon sheet Layers: 11
  • Blade Angle: 22º
  • Total Length: 800mm
  • Total Width: 200mm
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Wet Suits & Neoprene Accessories

AZURE Custom Made (Tailored) & Standard Size Wet Suits

Neoprene Material: Smooth-Skin/Cell or Lycra-Skin/Cell

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Check our categories in speargun accessories:

  • Reels
  • Rubberbands
  • Shafts
  • Reel Lines
  • Camera Holder
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