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Carbon Blades


  • Designed for high performance competitive freediving and spearfishing, providing optimum propulsion with less energy requirements. 

  • Availability is in "SOFT", "SOFT plus", "MEDIUM", "MEDIUM plus" & "HARD" stiffness.

  • "SOFT" = 335gr/pair,

  • "SOFT plus" = 350gr/pair,

  • "MEDIUM" = 370gr/pair,

  • "MEDIUM plus" = 390gr/pair,

  • "HARD" = 430gr/pair.

  • Blade Dimensions: Curve Shape Angle 22º , L=800mm, W=200mm

  • Carbon sheets architecture: up to 12 pieces per blade using TEXTREME Fabrics.

  • Rough "mat" surface finish appearance at both sides.

  • Tail shape: inspired by the "wahoo" fish



Can be supplied as blades alone, or can be fitted in any available commercial footpockets.

 Materials & Process:

AZURE uses the highest quality epoxy resins and carbon fiber fabrics for the construction of carbon blades. The fabrics utilized are the Lightweight TeXtreme® Carbon Fabrics. 

Key benefits of TeXtreme®:

  • Reduced weight by 20% or more

  • Increased mechanical performance

  • Thin Ply Laminate

  • Unique aesthetic look

  • Stable structure

The method that AZURE utilizes for impregnation is Vacuum Infusion Molding technology. In this way is ascertained that no air voids are left inside the matrix. Special attention is given not only to the resin matrix but also to the sandwich lamination and orientation of the woven fabrics that contain fibers oriented on two axes. In this way, we provide the desired flexural and tensile strength on multiple load axes, and exhibit good stiffness properties off axis. Sandwiched woven fibers distribute loads across the fibers in a way that result in better flexural strength, toughness, and impact strength. Based on the materials and sandwich construction, the different stiffness characteristics are obtained for our carbon blade models.

Our blade architecture is based on avg 12 carbon sheet pieces, positioned in different angles based on fiber orientation, from zero to 90 degrees, in order to achive the desired technical charecteristics and performance behaviour. The stiffness characteristics are obtained based on different thicknesses of the carbon sheets used. The lay-up architecture, method and materials used ascertains that:

  • there is no twisting of the blade during operation, and thus there is no need for thick side rubber protections.

  • the bending of the blade starts to occur from a specific length and not all along the profile, utilizing effectively all the energy transfered from the leg to the blade.

  • the bending profile and material characteristics, provides a most efficient speed of retraction and an overall nervous blade behaviour.

  • the overall design is based on the concept of deep diving, where the free-diver should ascend fast, utilizing as low effort as possible, and as less leg-movements as possible.

  • the high quality - high strength materials, in combination to the vacuum technology used, provides a long lasting performance and durability. 


  • Blade architecture has been engineered using sofisticated computational engineering software to provide optimum performance and endurance.

  • Cross-ply carbon fiber sheets (TEXTREME) are oriented in different angles to provide the desired bending and stiffness characteristics.

  • Fabrics impregnation occurs via Vacuum Infusion Molding technology, eliminating the possibility of air voids inside the laminate.

  • The technology and materials used results in a very thin and lightweight blade structure, having a very high tensile and flexural strength. This causes a high retraction energy from the blade. 

  • The surface finish appearance at both blade sides is Rough "mat" plus it is designed to have a "wave'" structure. This causes increased friction, and so the blade propels the water volume more efficiently.   


BSR Black Side Rubber (water rail) for Blades (per meter) 3,4 €
CSR Colored Side Rubber (water rail) for Blades (per meter)
white - yellow - blue
4 €
BMSR Black Mini T-rail 3,4 €
CBS AZURE Ascender Carbon Blades of "SOFT" stiffness (335gr/pair) 335 €
CBSP AZURE Ascender Carbon Blades of "SOFT Plus" stiffness (350gr/pair) 335 €
CBM AZURE Ascender Carbon Blades of "MEDIUM" stiffness (370gr/pair) 335 €
CBMP AZURE Ascender Carbon Blades of "MEDIUM Plus" stiffness (390gr/pair) 335 €
CBH AZURE Ascender Carbon Blades of "HARD" stiffness (430gr/pair) 335 €
CBASPF AZURE Ascender Carbon Blades (any stiffness) assembled to Footpockets 460 €
(*) All above retail prices are including 24% VAT. Transportation cost is excluded, as it has to be calculated according to final order’s volume


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