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Every Azure product is engineered to withstand the extreme loads and the harsh usage of spearfishing in the aquatic environment. After fabrication, our products passes through a series of quality checks in order to reach the final user. The quality control has to do with the quality of fabrication, tolerancing, assembly, surface finish, buoyancy, various measurements under loads, and finally with real tests underwater where the product performance is assured.

Every Azure speargun is unique and is followed by a Serial number engraved on it for reference. Based on this codification, any time requested, the manufacturing and performance data can be tracked. The same occurs for the Carbon Blades, where the Serial number is indicated on the packaging.

WARRANTY PROGRAM: All AZURE spearguns are guaranteed, against defects in material or workmanship under normal recreational usage. The warranty period is for 3 years starting from the original purchase date only, and covers the trigger mechanism and wooden speargun body for distortions and delamination. All AZURE Carbon Blades are guaranteed against breakage failure for 2 years starting from the original purchase date only. Warranty claims are accepted only upon return of the defective product. Please read carefully our warranty statement and the manuals provided. After purchasing our products, please do not forget to Register them on-line.

SPEARGUN EXCHANGE PROGRAM: Do you want to upgrade your old and used AZURE speargun? Then exchange it with another new Azure model of your desire! Send it by post to us, and we will supply you with the new model that you wish at a big discount! Please contact us if you are interested.

PRODUCT RETURN & REFUND POLICY: Every AZURE product / products purchased directly from AZURE, can be returned & fully refunded within 10 working days from the date of receipt, if do not meet customer's expectations. In order to fully refund the product and accept the return, the product must be in the original package, undamaged and intact. Returns / Refunds are not accepted for products made to order (custom made). Shipping costs are subject to be paid by customer except in cases of AZURE's fault. For more information, please contact us by phone or mail.

LOYALTY PROGRAM: Every AZURE user enters automatically our "Loyalty Program". After the first purchase is done, then every other purchase from the same customer will be done at a minimum discount of 8%. For loyalty users, discounts can reach up to 15%. This loyalty program is valid only if the first purchase involves a speargun, a wetsuit, or a set of carbon fins.

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